Thursday, 19 March 2009

March 2009 - South Primary School

It ain't over until the padlock is put on the door.

The people of Paisley South have long memories and I'm sure that will extend to the next local elections....


  1. Well done EVERYONE don't let South Primary close without a fight !! Can't believe JIM MITCHELL never fought South's Corner after that very school taught both his daughters and gave them a good start in life you would think his priority would be to keep the school going and give other children the same quality of education !!!

  2. Anonymous

    Jim Mitchell has only ever cared about himself. He and his SNP/Lib Dem colleagues have turned out to be worst than the Labour shower that preceded them. No democracy with this lot just carry out the same scams as the Labour shower did with regard to conning the people.

    Derek MacKay, a wee boy who has never worked in his life, running the council. Funny, the same situation with Gordon Brown and now look at the state of the country. You could not make this up both useless clowns who could only backstab their way into their positions.

    Funny all the political parties are in the same boat in Renfrewshire now with regard to having hardly any members, in the SNP's case it is because the hopeless, corrupt, numpties that now run the council backstabbed all the decent people who did all the work out of the party.